Can I come and run a drumming workshop for my group and how much will it cost?

Yes, if I possibly can! Cost is a little more complex. Factors include :

How far away are you?

How long do you want me there for?

How big is your group?

Are you happy to pay for my assistant to come and support the workshop and add more skill and experience into the mix?

Is this a ‘one-off’ or part of a series?

I am a professional musician and qualified teacher who has trained for 15 years with world class artists and musicians, paid for all my drums and 4 study trips to West Africa and continue to train here in the UK, funded entirely through the work I do.

I offer good value for money. Contact me to discuss your requirements!

Can I come along to one of your classes – how much does it cost and where are they?

I am a tutor for WEA – the Workers Education Association. WEA run adult education     (age 19+) courses across the UK and have been around for more than 100 years.

Courses normally run for 3 terms each academic year – September – Christmas, January to Easter and a summer term which generally finishes in July. Each course can be 8-12 weeks long but normally 22-24 hours – eg 11 weeks of 2 hour classes or 8 weeks of 3 hour classes.

WEA enable adults to study affordably. If you work and receive a wage you will normally pay £3 per hour and the course fee is payable at the start of the course – £50-60 for the whole course. If you are in receipt of one or more of a list of means tested benefits YOU CAN ENROL ON THE COURSE FOR FREE!!

WEA receipt government funding which subsidises the places, pays towards venue hire, tutor wages, transport and some expenses as long as the group is 12 or more people.

So, if you can get a group of 12 people together who want to learn drumming by attending a course, get in touch and I can come and teach you!

This term I am teaching just 2 courses

Monday evenings Byker Community Centre, 6.45-9.30pm NE6 2DX

and a special needs group in Washington (which is a closed group)

My regular Drummed Up group (www.drummedup.org) will recommence after Easter and I have run courses in Durham for the last 3 years.

I recently moved to Sunderland and am very keen to start a drumming course there too.

Do I need to have a drum to come along?

No, I provide all the kit – a range of different drums for everyone to use.

Can I advise on buying a drum or re-skinning/repairing a drum?

Look at the top of the page and you will see my Buying Guide.

Drum re-skinning and repair is a skilled and time consuming job which I have quite a lot of experience with but I prefer to refer people to one of a number of people who specialise in this work. The cost of skins (£20-25) plus 2 half days of skilled labour per drum makes the job uneconomical unless several drums can be worked on simultaneously.

Please do get in touch if this is something you need to speak with me about.