Mid term review

Im half way through my courses for the WEA. If you are interested in attending any session please get in touch via my email mark.djembe.barfoot@gmail.com

Monday 7-9 Byker Community Centre

Wednesday 7.30-9.30 Waddington St URC Hall, Durham City **** NOTE THAT WE STARTED THIS COURSE ON 14TH OCTOBER SO WE HAVE 5 MORE SESSIONS. Drop in welcome.

Thursday 6.30-8.30 plus extra time till 9.30 at Broadacre House, Newcastle City Centre

Friday 1-3 Multipurpose Centre Crowther Industrial Estate, Washington

My monthly workshops at Boosbeck Community Centre near Saltburn on Teeside are growing in popularity with people regularly travelling from Ripon in Yorkshire and the last workshop on 17th October we welcomed 2 people from Beverley near Hull!

The next one is Saturday 14th November 2-8pm. Cost is £25 or £20 concession for low income and optional home cooked food for an additional £5 (main course and a cake).

On Sunday 15th November I plan to host a workshop for the highly regarded teacher Hans Sutton who will visit the North East for the first time to teach. The venue is not confirmed yet but watch this space. Cost will be £30 or £25 concession and promises to be a brilliant and inspiring day. Hans has a huge knowledge of rhythms especially from Mali and is a very clear and patient teacher who works well with players of all levels.

My Washington class is a new one for the WEA and the people who attend have various special needs. After 4 sessions together they are now really listening to each other as they play and are having a lot of fun drumming together. Its a great atmosphere too.

For a long time I have noticed the connection between drumming and well-being – both in myself and in my students many of whom are also friends.

Drumming is great way to tackle social isolation without having to engage in conversation, it cultivates listening skills and team working, it builds self confidence as well as developing musical skills and coordination – plus its lots of fun too.

Many people achieve far more than they could believe was possible in a single session and if they drum regularly the results just build and build.

Recently I have run drumming workshops for a group of 34 CEO’s as well as members of the Royal College of Nursing Northern Region who said “Thanks for … a fantastic morning the team thoroughly enjoyed it”

Anyone who is interested in drumming as a tool for team-building, an energiser or ice-breaker, as part of cultural diversity programmes or away days please do get in touch. I normally work with one or sometimes two assistants and together we offer a really exciting and memorable experience!

Thanks for reading.


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