Durham Class Start date 11 January 2015

There is a proposal for my next West African Drumming Class in Durham City to run shorter course of 5 weeks of 3 hour sessions.

Longer sessions mean more in-depth learning

My students from across the NE might be tempted along for a longer session

Its less of a time commitment

It will be cheaper!

As usual I plan to teach a minimum of 2 traditional rhythm pieces which are played on the 3 sizes of bass drums and on djembes. Everyone will have the opportunity to play the different drums and there are parts to learn for players of all levels – from beginner to experienced drummers.

3 hours is quite a long time to drum and we will have a break about half time which might include some snacks or cakes as well as drinks, depending on what people want to do and what they bring.

I also plan to run some day workshops and possibly a couple of weekend workshops throughout 2015 as well as inviting Master African Drumming teachers to run workshops in our region. Details will follow when arrangements are confirmed.

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