Post Easter Update

Hi All

Can it really be May already?

Its been an intensive teaching time in 2014 at one point teaching 4 weekly classes and my monthly day class near Guisborough. Ive just returned from HansCamp with the excellent Hans Sutton. Hans is a highly skilled teacher who communicates his deep knowledge of the rhythms of Mali with a lot of enthusiasm and understanding.

I returned feeling ‘tuned up’ having been stretched but also feeling like I have more to give my own students. I am keen to bring Hans up to the North East possibly in the Autumn as there are so many events happening over the Summer.


My Byker Class is just underway. We started last Monday but as its the Mayday bank holiday, no class the coming Monday (5th May). Still time to join and I would encourage you to come to the session on 12th May. Venue is Byker Community Centre NE6 2DX 7-9pm. This group is open to all and we accommodate players from absolute beginners and upwards. There is pleny of challenging material for all levels.

Durham group this term is 3 longer sessions of 4 hours. The first one was last Sunday (27th April). We covered a lot of ground and will continue this Sunday (4th May) and 11th May. 2-6pm Waddington St United Reformed Church Hall DH1 4BG. Contact me if you want to come along.

Drummed Up is back at Broadacre House NE1 6HQ, right in the centre of Newcastle. The new term starts this Thursday (8th May). This term we will be studying one major rhythm in depth but also bringing in other material. This course is for more experienced players or quick learners(!) Contact me if you are interested.


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