Teaching Materials

Hi All

Ive been a bit quiet recently as Ive been teaching quite a few different groups and have been using some new teaching methods in my classes.

I emphasize the necessity to listen and feel the music and how the different parts fit together. For some people listening and watching can be enough. For me, when I learned to read simple notation for African rhythms, I was able to see so much more. I could see which notes fell on the beat, where the call fell relative to the bass drum melodies and often, to have confirmed which notes were tones and slaps.Ive been working on some teaching materials which combine written notation and audio samples created using percussion studio.


The first one is about djembe accompaniments and also is an introduction to notation. As djembe players we are familiar with a few accompaniments patterns and it is useful to see them written down. Then it is easier to learn new patterns from a combination of audio and written sources. As has been mentioned many times – notation cannot convey the ‘swing’ or ‘feel’ of the music in the same way as learning from a master drummer but it can help as a reminder for material you have previously learned and want to understand on a deeper level.

This will be distributed freely and I would welcome feedback – particularly important is how easy to read the material was, was the material useful and any suggestions for improvements.

Then, future information can be presented with a common theme.

I hope to have the first material ready in the next week or two with more to follow.



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