Walla Walla family of rhythms

Hi All

I was asked recently if I knew of the Walla Walla family of rhythms which are very popular in Guinea. Nansady has taught me 3 different rhythms from this family. All are 4/4 time but with different character- the bass drum parts are very different for each. Iya Sako has taught Walla Walla family rhythms which are in 6/8 time (Iya comes from the Wassalon region rather than the Hamana region but also teaches Malinke rhythms).

Walla Walla dancers are very popular. They are men who dress as women and dance at the fete Malinke.

The dancer is dressed in fine clothing and vibrant colours and dances solo for the rhythms played from this family.

I saw Walla Walla dancers at 2 different fetes and also at Famoudou Konate’s house.

guinea 2007-8 3 087

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