Links to other drummers, groups and teachers

Drummed Up was founded in 2002 and is still going strong. There is information on the group, photos, rhythm notation and links to other groups. Ive been teaching the group since 2006

Nansady has been my teacher since 2005/6 and I travelled to Guinea in the Winter of 2007 and 2008 to study with him and his musicians. I also travelled to Gambia in 2012 where Nansady was teaching assisted by his long time friend and musician Alhassan Conde.

Seckou is a superb teacher from the Cassamance region of Senegal. He teaches rhythms from the Cassamance region as well as material from Mamady Keita. He is a virtuoso of the Kora – the 21 string harp traditional to W Africa

Mory ‘Iya’ Sako is another Guinean Djembefola based in the UK – Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire. Iya teaches Malinke rhythms from the Wassalon region of Guinea.

west african drumming uk

A yahoogroup where members can post information about W African drumming such as classes, courses, workshops, drums for sale, drumming and dance holidays

Is the website for the performance group Tanante based in Manchester. Members of the group teach in the Manchester area and also sell and repair drums and accessories.

A group based in Halesowen, the website promotes classes taught all over the UK in a comprehensive directory as well as organising regular workshops with W African teachers.

A fantastic small festival in Angus in Scotland. 10 camps took place between 2004 and 2013. They are taking a break in 2014 before hopefully returning with a new format. A fantastic range of excellent teachers and friendly crew. A little bit of Africa in Scotland.

Hannbiell Sanders is based in Newcastle and leads the performance group ‘Hannabiell and Midnight Blue’. I have been playing with the band for 3 years and we recently released our second album ‘Protest Culture’

Simon helped to found Drummed Up and runs monthly community drum circles in Newcastle. Simon also plays the ‘Hang’, a beautiful gong like instrument and his album is available on his website.

Suppliers of wide range of drums, percussion accessories, books and tuition cds.

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